The CAUS Annual Education Fashion Membership is designed for schools and faculty with full access to all CAUS resources.  The primary focus of the membership is on its Color Trend Forecast reports which are forecast 24 months in advance.  


The Fashion report are issued two times per year and includes trend stories for Women, Men and Youth categories as well as highlights the top 3-4 colors forecasted across all categories.


This membership level offers one online license for online access to all CAUS resources and reports.

Education Fashion Membership

  • The fashion trend report is issued two times per year. The Spring/Summer publication is available in September/October and the Fall/Winter in February/March of each year.

    This annual trend forecast report offering is comprised of:

    - a collection of between 40 - 60 colors organized in inspiration palettes in a reference folder

    - extra set of 4″ x 8″ samples that range from solid color, textiles or other mixed materials

    • inspiration images that represent the colors and collection
    • description of the logic behind the forecast


    The annual membership includes:

    • 2 Fashion Forecast Reports a year, FW and SS
    • Detailed report on background for color trends
    • Extra set of color samples
    • Color notations
    • Downloadable PDF version of individual reports
    • One online access license to the Member only portal which contains online versions of current and past reports
    • Use of the CAUS logo and affiliation  
    • Annual consultation with senior CAUS trend analysis
    • Free webinars 
    • Reduced rate for events


    If you are interested in both Fashion and Interior/Environmental reports, there is an additional fee of  $300/year.


    Shipping within the US if included in the membership. International shipping fees will be determined based on location.


    We want to ensure that our Members are receiving the level of benefits and services that they require, please feel free to contact us to determine the best and most economical membership category that best suits your specific needs.  Feel free to email (insert email address) or call 212-947-7774.


    Binder size: 12” x 11” x3”

    Card size: 9” x 11”

    Sample size: 1” x 1” approx

    Sample material: mix of silk and thread

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