We are at a moment where we ‘serious-play’ with a new human order, one that is augmented by technologies in ways not seen before. Artificial Intelligence is sneaking into all aspects of our lives and so is augmented reality and 3D printing. The technology quantum jump is accompanied by social and political changes.   Trends within the Women, Men and Youth reports include: Summer Spice, Calm & Collected, Neutralite, Warp Speed, Unearth, Under Growth, Precious Earth, Self Enhance, New Talk and Different Care


Purchase this report to have access to all three categories online in a few hours, including images and color descriptions, as well as receive your report and extra sample set within a few days.

SS 2019 Fashion Report

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  • A total of 12 trend stories and 60 colors. 

    Card size: 9” x 11” - 4 panel

    Sample size:1.5” x 1.5” approx. 

    Sample material: Women samples are custom dyed silk, Men and Youth are wound threads

    Extra sample set size: Women 3” x 3” silk swatches, Men and Youth 1.5” x 1.5” wound thread samples

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