The CAUS Interior 2021-22 forecast centers are inspired by what the natural world offers. Colors emerge from gems, minerals and earthy hues. Unlike last years palette which was comprised of 8 palettes, this year we have 3 collections, Gemology, Mineralogy and Geology. We purposely separated Gemology and Geology by an expansive set of neutrals too emphasizing their differences. The committee also felt that color combinations are best selected from within a collection and not across, so be careful if you decide to mix Gemology and Geology.


Purchase this report to have access to all three categories online within hours, including images and color descriptions, as well as receive your report and extra sample set within a few days.


Interiors 2021-22 Report

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  • The CAUS Interior 2021-22 Forecast Report is comprised on 3 trends and 52 colors.  

    Card size: 9” x 11” - 4 panel

    Extra sample set size: 3.5″ x 6″

    Sample material: range from solid color, textiles or other mixed materials