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The CAUS SS 2018 Fashion Color Trend Report is comprised of 3 collections; Women, Men and Youth.  Trends include: A Delicate Balance, Skin You’re In, Hot Tropics, Peace of Mind, Pure Contrast, Trans-Plant, Changing Tides, Night Vision,  Polymath, Gen Z(h)ero(???), and Stealth Mode

SS 2018 Fashion Report

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  • A total of 11 trend stories and 55 colors.  

    Card size: 9” x 11” - 4 panel

    Sample size:1.5” x 1.5” approx. 

    Sample material: Women samples are custom dyed silk, Men and Youth are wound threads

    Extra sample set: Women 3” x 3” silk swatches, Men and Youth 1.5” x 1.5” wound thread samples