This color trend report covers Women, Men and Youth fashion.  We start with The Color Association Women Spring/Summer 2020 forecast at first glance appears to be a collection of misfits or opposing thoughts. On one side we are excited about the impact of social and tech, on the other hand we desire to be isolated, especial from the things that compel us. This can be seen in the palettes of WOW and Hussssh, with this opposing colors and influences, yet each having a place in our daily life. The other two palette celebrate our continued exploration of how to move from recycling and re-purposing, which we admit is not longer sufficient to re-inventing.


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SS 2020 Fashion Report

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  • A total of 11 trend stories and 55 colors. 

    Card size: 9” x 11” - 4 panel

    Sample size:1.5” x 1.5” approx. 

    Sample material: Women samples are custom dyed silk, Men and Youth are wound threads

    Extra sample set size: Women 3” x 3” silk swatches, Men and Youth 1.5” x 1.5” wound thread samples